Writing a 30 second radio spot

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Keep in mind that there are different ways to write a radio ad. In the case of the Internet, it is usually done with a search engine.

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30-second Radio Spot Script Writing Template

The first segment emphasizes the product benefit, and the second segment closes the ad with your tagline. Following graduation they wrote music in their free time while collecting unemployment benefits.

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Jun 29,  · 4 Write a 15 Second Radio Ad Radio advertising is a powerful way of reaching consumers in your local area or even on a national level.

Even though 30 seconds might not seem like much time to get a marketing message across to a listening audience, this format can be used with success. Jan 02,  · clientesporclics.com In a radio advertising campaign, should your radio commercial be 30 or 60 seconds long?

Radio advertising expert Dan O'Day explains. Radio ads are generally 30 or 60 seconds. second ads have better “clearance,” meaning they’re easier to schedule because they’re shorter. They’re also cheaper. But 30 seconds usually isn’t long enough to deliver a selling message.

With these instructions, you've determined the style, a hard sell or soft sell, the length, a 15 second, 30 second or 60 second and approximately how many words you'll be limited to.

How to Format a Script for a 30-Second Commercial

Now, let's see three examples of well-written radio ads with their artistic direction. Writing a good second radio spot should take anywhere from a day or two to a week (or more). It depends on how good the Creative Brief is and and how much experience the copywriter has.

An experienced copywriter, working from a very carefully prepared Creative Brief, will probably want a few days to consider and tweak the output before. Canadian Radio Industry Authority. Mandy James joins Matt on the ‘Sound Off’ Podcast.

The Duality of Humankind

Mandy James is the morning show host with Pat PT Thomas and Mike Dubs on Entercom’s Buz’n @ in Minneapolis.

Writing a 30 second radio spot
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